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Thread: Bolero's (aka Simon :p) Food Diary

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    Start Weight: 20st4lb
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    Bolero's (aka Simon :p) Food Diary

    Afternoon all. Been a member here for some time, but dropped off quite a bit in the past year or two - tried different diets, and finally have decided to come back to ProPoints and not stop until I get to goal this time.

    Some may know me already, but just a bit of background. About 5-years ago I saw the doctor about an unrelated issue, and he decided to check my blood pressure. At the time it was through the roof (to the point where I was hurtling towards a heart attack - and as I was only 26 at the time, this was more than a bit of a worry). I was weighing in at 25-stone 4-pounds at the time, and made the decision to lose the weight: partly to avoid going on blood pressure pills, and partly to get control of the growing problem that was (and still is) my over-eating. I'd got down to 18-stone 8.5-pounds by the Christmas of 2009, but quite honestly never really stuck to a diet for more than 6-weeks after that...and so as of my last weigh-in I'm coming in at 20-stone 4-pounds.

    Not sure exactly where I'm heading for my goal. The recommended weight for my height (6-foot 3-inches) says I should by at most 14-stone 4-pounds, but we'll see how I feel. Won't be going lower than that, though, so at most I'm looking towards a 6-stone loss. Done it before, and hope to do it again.

    My current daily points are 61 a day. Started on Thursday this week, and have thus far used 1 one of my weeklies.

    Today's Food Log - 26th July
    Having a meal tonight with a few drinks for my parent's wedding anniversary so expect it will be a weeklies day. It's also hotter than the surface of the sun here today, so expect a few ice lollies will find they've been eaten.

    LIDL Fruit & Fibre Cereal with skimmed milk (30g with 125ml milk) - 4pp

    Brown Warburton's Square Wrap with Chicken Roll & Salad - 8pp
    - 1x Wrap
    - 4x Slice of Chicken Roll
    - 30g Philadelphia Light
    - Mixed salad - lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes & radishes
    Beef Flavour Super Noodles - 14pp
    WW Vanilla Yoghurt - 1pp

    Hairy Dieters Sweet & Sour Chicken - 5pp
    Wild Rice (75g uncooked) - 7pp
    Cider (x3 cans) - 21pp

    Brown Warburton's Square Wrap with Chicken Roll & Salad - 8pp
    - 1x Wrap
    - 4x Slice of Chicken Roll
    - 30g Philadelphia Light
    - Mixed salad - lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes & radishes

    Fruit Pastilles Ice Lolly - 2pp
    Mini Milk Lolly - 1pp
    WW Toffee & Vanilla Cornetto - 4pp
    Lidl Brand Crisps (x2) - 7pp

    Total Dailies Used: 61 of 61
    Total Weeklies Used: 22 of 48
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    Goal Weight: 8st10lb

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    Current BMI: 22.7
    Goal BMI: 22.3

    Total Weight Loss: 0st13.5lb
    Weight to Lose: 0st2lb
    % Lost 9.82%
    Hi Simon

    It was lovely to read your story and think you for sharing.
    You're so lucky to get that much for your daily ProPoints lol!! I'm only on 26 a day but I tend to do filling & healthy and a mix of ProPoints too.

    It will be nice to keep in touch and see how you get on.
    I look forward to hearing more from you xxx

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