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Thread: More than a kick up the bum needed!

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    More than a kick up the bum needed!

    Up and down, that's me! Now I'm 20st 4lb, disgusting! Everything in my life is good, home, new job etc EXCEPT weight. I feel really unhealthy, hips, legs and feet are painful, taking painkillers everyday, out of breath etc etc. I need all the help and motivation possible. Feel like I don't know where to start! Thought of maybe doing other diets like SW or CC even simple start but I think I need the structure of points so I can myself some treats! Please help me x

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    You sound just like me!! Really happy, but can't seem to lose weight! It is hard, otherwise we would all be a size 10 lol .
    Ive decided I'm going to start from the beginning , simple start. In my first week I lost 5 pounds and felt fab! I'm also going to buy a journal from class on Wednesday, to help me stay on track!!
    Im also going to try and walk 3 times a week, a good 30 min fast (ish!!) walk.

    why don't you try and set yourself some little goals?

    Good of luck, you can do it!!


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    deep breaths, dont look how far you have to go, set mini goals. start with basics, use your books, log on here and dont be too hard on yourself. ITS A LONG STEADY WALK, NOT A RACE.

    xx GOOD LUCK xx

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