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Thread: Which Multivitamins & Multi minerals do you use?

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    Which Multivitamins & Multi minerals do you use?

    Hi what brand of vitamins & mineral's do you buy? I think the best type are ones without iron so what brand and where do you get them?
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    I buy Tesco own make Multi vitamins & Minerals, Vitamin C slow release and Omega 3-6-9. Have done for as long as I can remember and never have colds and never ill, touch wood
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    My waist is now 27.5".....thanks to weight training & Zumba - much love xxx

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    I use Wellwoman and I think I feel so much better on them

    2/1/2013 - 11st 3lb
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    23/1/2013 - 10st 10lb -1 lb
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    6/2/2013 - 10st 6lbs - 1lbs
    13/2/2013 - 10st 4lbs -2lbs
    20/2/2013 - 10st 1lb -3lbs

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    Centrum Advance multivitamin. They have 36% of daily iron in but i've never taken much notice of the iron thing.

    Also take chromium, omega 3, potassium*, magnesium/calcium* and cod liver oil^

    *Only in initial stages of the diet. Perhaps for first month.
    ^ Only because I have 2 bottles of them already, I take them mainly for the vitamins A and D which it provides. Nice natural source of vitamin D in winter.
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