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Thread: Peanut Butter

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    Peanut Butter

    Hi Everyone

    Are we allowed peanut butter during induction? If so how do we calculate the net carbs??

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    I haven't been sticking strictly to the food list; more using it as a guise so I've been having peanut butter in celery. Net carbs is total carbs minus fibre. I think as long as your net carbs don't exceed 20 a day and you spread your carbs out then it all still works. I bought some ketosis testing strips off ebay and I am in ketosis and have lost 5lb in 4 days so far!!! So I say a bit of peanut butter can't hurt!

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    If your from the UK the fibre is already deducted so the carb you read is the carbs that's net.

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    Nuts are technically not allowed on induction. Less to do with the carbs and more because they are a trigger food for many people as well as packing a calorie punch. They are added back in next phase very carefully. For example I have to avoid peanuts and therefore peanut butter at all costs as I am completely unable to control myself. All other nuts fine for me - in fact they are my emergency food. I always have a bag with me especially if I might miss a meal or need to avoid temptation. Have saved me many times! Everyone different

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