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Thread: Which book?

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    Which book?

    Which book is the best one to get to introduce me to Atkins and start me on my journey?

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    [QUOTE=Crunchy;7313596]Which book is the best one to get to introduce me to Atkins and start me on my journey?

    Hiya, I bought the two new Atkins books but I have since been advised that the original one from 2003 is the best one as the newer ones advocate the Atkins products whereas the older one focuses purely on food.

    I did Atkins myself in 2003 and lost about 60lb in about 4 months using this book and I have to say it was very easy to follow and made a lot of sense. I lost my book during a house move but I got a used one off for 1.91 or you could maybe rent it from your local library

    Good luck it really is very good

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    I cannot vouch for other books, but I personally bought "new atkins, new you" and have found it really good as it has detailed meal plans, and good instructions for vegetarians.

    I found it didn't really promote their products at all and in fact advised against eating too many.

    I think this one emphasises more vegetables than previous books, which is good for me as I tend to get constipated (sorry tmi) when low carbing being a veggie and used to lots of fibre.

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