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    Ones anyone else weigh daily?
    I don't log my weight every day but I do wee then weigh every morning lol. I really think this keeps me on track. If it's slightly up I tend to be more strict with myself. If it's down then it gives me a boost seeing the numbers falling.

    It's also helped me understand the differences during the month of when I know I've done really well but the scales don't always show it.

    I'm away at my boyfriends this week so no scales... And it's driving me mad! Got to wait til fri afternoon til I'm home to have a look.

    K x
    Kelley x

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    Yep same here, first thing after a pee. But only register weekly. Keeps me on track xx

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    Yes, me too. I always have done.

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    I do in the morning and before I go to bed
    Start weight 16.10 Now 15.6.0

    C25K wk1wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6 wk7 wk8 wk9

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    Yes me to

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    even tho am maintaining I weigh every morning everyday this week have stayed the same sure after a pizza express tonight will be 1 pound up in the morning!! doing pretty well tho am only 5ft 2 and with my gym activity went lower than I ever thought possible this week have been 7st 9 everyday on a light day am 7st 8 and expect will be 7st 10 in the morning might supprise myself tho!! haha bit obsessive but actually now weighing to check I dont drop too low

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