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Thread: SS when not at work

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    SS when not at work

    When I'm at work, I can SS like a pro, I don't even think about cheating.

    Now the weekend is hear and my brain is whispering food things at me!

    I'm a single mom and my lass is at her dad's until Monday, and my 'friends' are dire when it comes to including me so I have 4 days on my own.

    How on earth do I keep focus on SS?!? Help!
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    week 13: -2lbs and -3.25 inches it's going to take forever at this rate..
    week 14: STS and -3 inches. Don't even talk to me today!

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    Get yourself out and about. Take yourself off for a walk by the beach or in the countryside. Nothing too heavy but occupy your time away from home. Take your products and water with you and you'll be fine. I really struggle at home alone for long periods so have to get outside and just do anything for a bit.

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