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Thread: on top of the moon ;)

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    on top of the moon ;)

    Hey I'm on day 5 it's been hard but feeling easier and getting into it now!! I was at the doctors today and she weighed me and I didn't wanna know as I get weighed on Monday but couldn't resist and from Monday I've lost 10 lbs so gave me a big boost to keep going!!! Her scales are same as the cd consultant's asking was at docs on Monday before I got weighed by consultant so I'm feeling great and really wanna keep pushing now still taking it a day at a time but so happy and better yet what is strange is my clothes are looser I noticed this morning when getting ready my tip round my tummy was looser just thrilled

    Couldn't have done it without this forum and all the advice and support xx

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    17th April, 2014
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    Diet: Cambridge weight plan
    Height: 5ft6in
    Start Date: 15/04/14
    Start Weight: 14st13lb
    Goal Weight: 10st0lb

    BMI Information:
    Goal BMI: 22.6
    That's fantastic news! Well done :-)

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