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Thread: Taking products on holiday

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    Taking products on holiday

    Does anyone know the policy on taking products on holiday overseas? I'm due to fly in a couple of weeks and never thought about it until just now :-/

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    I've been on holiday and took things with me without any trouble. It depends what type of holiday you go on and what type of luggage you have with you and where in the world you're going as to what it is ok or take or not. If you're in a villa with cooking and cleaning facilities then out can do whatever you would do at home but in a hotel with less cleaning facilities you might want to stick to tetra packs and bars. If you're only taking hand luggage you can't take tetras due to the liquid restrictions. Also if you're going to certain places you can't take food without declaring it and they don't like diary products being brought in at all, then you'd be stuck as I think they all contain dairy (other than the lactose free maybe).

    As they are for your consumption and you'd have them no matter I don't see any other issues but it depends on your holiday...

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    I flew out Greece with bars shakes water flavouring a jug and handblender in my case and a couple of bars in my hand luggage and wS all fine. Xx

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