Hi All

This isn't Cambridge related, but I have spent many months (in fact years) with Cambridge and on MiniMins, and have made a fair few friends in you all.
If I can grab you for 30 seconds of your time, I would be so grateful.
Many of you will remember my mum passed away from Breast Cancer, that spread to the lungs last February. She was 48 and died 5 weeks after the lung cancer diagnosis.
Well, I entered my hubby into a competition for Man Of The Year to thank him for all he did for me during that, and all the time since (some really dark places), I didn't really think he'd get far, but he's now down to the final 4! I'm so pleased, but we really need votes to try to win. It is really as simple as a 'like' on the photo (link) If you could help me out, I would be forever grateful! If anyone can share too, that would be fantastic also!

The spaces just need to be taken out of the link below

https://www f a c e b o o k.com/themetalstore/photos/a.844911448898982.1073741831.180918978631569/844911472232313/?type=1&theatre

Thank you, thank you!! xx