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Thread: CD Icecream!!

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    Talking CD Icecream!!

    This is my favorite! I have a HUUGEE sweet tooth and am not allowed bars yet so this is perfect!

    1x Packet of CD shake powder (any flavor you like)
    10 large ice cubes, or if you have access to crushed ice, fill up about a pints worth.
    2 Tbs water


    In a powerful food processor put in the ice and blend it for a few seconds, or until It looks kinda like snow
    Add the shake packet
    Add 2 Tbs water
    And blend and mix, blend and mix until you get a nice icy mixture, looking like ice cream!

    It is good to have straight away and makes you feel like you're being naughty! so good to curb those sugar cravings! yumyum!

    ENJOY xx
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    Next time I do a supermarket shop I will have to get some ice cubes and try this....

    I have been told that the coffee one and this method makes a pretty good Frappuccino....another one to try! I haven't been having coffee as I like it with milk and sugar (and the shake one is...okish) but missing it

    When you are on the bars: what about half a shake and half a bar for a "cookie dough" type of ice cream?
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    This is such a good idea going to try this when it gets warmer!

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    I am going to give this a go this evening starting to crave bad things!!
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    Please let me know how your ice creams turned out, I so want to try this...but I think I will mess it up!!
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    great tip

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