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Thread: Claire's Diary

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    Claire's Diary

    Hi all,

    I have been reading everyone's fab stories over this past week, so decided to register and get a bit more involved! - Plus I need motivation!

    Well....I started on Monday, which means I am on Day 5 of the CD diet and to be honest, i'm not finding it too hard - well up until now, which is why i decided to get through this moment of weakness by writing it down! aha

    I had a sneaky peaky look on the scales this morning and i'm (unofficially) 7lbs down, which is great but....I WANT A SANDWICH!!

    I've been doing SS & SS+ on and off for the past few day, but tbh eggs and chicken aren't doing it for me at the moment. I know its diffiuclt and the results speak for themselves when you stick to the diet 100% - which I have done, and do plan to!

    Me and my boyfriend are going to the German Market tomorrow in Bham and maybe i'm just making excuses to break the diet, so i can have a few drinks and some food tomorrow - naughty I know!

    My plan is to take my shakes with me and stick to the diet 100% - but I am questioning my willpower at the moment and just hope I don't break!

    Help! xx

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    Want to do it this time!!
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    Diet: CD
    Height: 5ft7in
    Start Date: 01/11/2013
    Start Weight: 15st10lb
    Current Weight: 11st13lb
    Goal Weight: 10st7lb
    Goal Date: 01/06/2014

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 34.5
    Current BMI: 26.2
    Goal BMI: 23

    Total Weight Loss: 3st11lb
    Weight to Lose: 1st6lb
    % Lost 24.09%
    Hi Claire!

    How was Germany and are you still on the plan?

    all the best!

    Mini Goals

    Get under 210 lbs-Done
    Get under 200 lbs-Done
    Get under 190 lbs- Done
    Get under 180 lbs- Done
    Get under 170 lbs- Done
    Get under 160 lbs
    Get under 150 lbs
    Goal of 147 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wks 1-4 (-27 lbs)
    Wk 5- 8 (-14.5 lbs)
    Wks 9-12 (-9.5 lbs)
    Week 13 (-2 lbs)

    Week 14 (-3 lbs)
    Week 15 (-2 lbs)

    Week 16

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