Hi. I just started celebrity slim and I'm finding it really hard to find others on the same to be a diet buddy (or two). I have two days to go til the end of my first week. Never tried it before. But things seem a bit thin on the ground community wise. I'd just love someone on the same to swop ideas with. Someone who I can motivate as much as they do me. Someone to keep each other going or just chat with to keep me away from chips lol.
It's difficult without someone to share experiences with.
In the meantime I hope all who are doing the plan are doing well.
I have a lovely partner and two children and have battled weight all my life. Iv been successful at losing many times but it always creeps back. I just want a wardrobe with one or two sizes in rather than the whole range. I'll keep going alone but it's much better with friends. Hugs to all x