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Thread: Obsessive Weighing

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    Obsessive Weighing

    How do you stop yourself from obsessively checking the scales? Sometimes i find myself checking 2 or 3 times a day, although it is usually more like 1. it's really not healthy, especially when I see a slight gain or I stay the same because it makes me want to give it all up or go on a binge. Any tips?

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    The readings on the scales during the day will fluctuate up and down normally as you eat and drink and go about your day and has nothing whatsoever to do with gaining or losing weight as many things come into play, consuming a lot of tea/coffee/water, not drinking enough water, water retention too much salt, under eating, hormones you are really wasting your time to be honest.

    The best time to weigh is first thing in the morning naked and after you have gone to the toilet...most people do a weekly weight in which gives the most accurate reading.

    Having said that I like to weigh first thing every morning as it helps to keep me on track.

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    I was guilty of this last week and it really affected my mood. I was weighing myself every single morning and sometimes in the evening too. On the morning of Weigh Day it showed a loss of only a lb and as I weigh in the evening I was so sure by that time it would have turned into a gain. I spent the whole day in a foul mood because of that - when in reality I went to group and lost 1.5lbs.

    I've now hidden my scales and will only allow myself one 'midweek' weight on a Friday evening to see how I'm doing. Other than that I will just go to group each week and hope to see a loss on the scales.
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    I was guilty of this too for the first 3 weeks it gets obsessive doesn't it. Now I only weigh myself once because it was fluctuating so much x

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    I can see how it is addictive but I like to get weighed every morning. I do it at roughly the same time, naked, after a wee and before I eat. I find if I've lost a pound it makes me want to lose more. If I sts or gain it makes me more determined to stick to the diet. But a few times a day probably won't help as your weight will fluctuate depending on when you've eaten etc.
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    You should just take your scale and put it in your closet. Take it out once a week, preferably in the morning. Funny thing that other people will notice that you are losing weight before you will really can tell.

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