Hello ladies,

I'm back on slimming world a few weeks now and I've been doing fine so far! I'm doing it from home, as last year I lost just under two stone attending groups and my mum is currently going to classes so I feel like I'm on top of things.. most of the time

This week has been very rough in a personal sense, and I tend to lose my appetite completely when I'm upset about something. I've barely eaten this week, mostly just a few pieces of fruit and I actually couldn't tell you now if I've had any dinner. I used 2 syns one day and 5 yesterday but as far as I remember that was it. I've lost about 8lbs in three weeks, but this week so far (since Monday), I've dropped another 4 I know this isn't a bad thing, but I'm just worried will this impact badly on me when I do start to eat properly again?

Sorry for the ramble!

Kisses xx