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Thread: Is this normal (losses this week)

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    Is this normal (losses this week)

    Hello again everyone (apologises if you are getting sick of me by now :/)

    So just wanted to check if this is normal? I near the ends of week 3 in cruise phase I am only half a pound of a 1 stone loss which is excellent and its taken the same amount of time when I did dukan last time.

    However I was stalling for about 8 days and stayed at the same weight but this week alone I have lost 4 and a half pounds and its not even the end of the week yet is that correct? I'm not complaining but from losing nothing to this massive loss I am just baffled.

    Has anyone else found this? The only thing I have changed in my diet is I have added goji berries to my porridge in a morning that's it, surely they can't have boosted my system that much? Lol

    Any comments appreciated
    Many Thanks x
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    Blue...we would never get sick of you xxx Its said that a lot of peoples bodys work on a two week cycle so it may take two weeks for a good run to show, and on the other side of the coin a unexpected gain could also go back to previous week. Dont knock it and congrats on nearly a stone xxx Just gotta love Dukan xxx
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    Enjoy your achievements

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    Lol thanks guys, obviously I am mega happy just baffled by it all. Ha ha lets just hope it doesn't creep back on next week!

    Thanks again, thought something might be wrong with losing so much in one week but sounds good to me x
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    happened to me too, I seemto have it happen often. TOTM doesnt help and I seem to always stall the week after, then suddenly have a great week. Or at least before christmas I did, this month was very awkward. Just one of those things, but as long as its coming off eventually I aren't don't you be LOL
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    A similar thing happened to me last week where I lost 2.6lbs in 4 days (a lot for me) and since I have only lost 0.8 lbs. Hopefully my body's doing the fluctuating thing and I'll have a nice loss again sometime next week xD
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    I'm glad it's not just me then, it will be quite frustrating if the scales go back up though :/ Its a relief because I thought I was doing something wrong when the weight wasn't shifting. Literally can't wait now to reach the one stone mark, just half a pound to go and...... Then another 3 stone lol hey ho it will all be worth it by the time summer is here x
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulinegin View Post

    Weight loss isn't linear, it's up and down like a whore's drawers!

    P x
    You're so funny - You make me smile xx :-D
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