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Thread: Roll off flab and roll on Xmas!

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    Roll off flab and roll on Xmas!

    Thought I'd try and start a little diary. Never done it before so it may be that no one will see this or I'll type happily away then press the wrong button but here goes nothing...

    As most of us.. Tried it all...ww, sw, Atkins, fibre, cabbage soup etc. etc.

    I found the Cambridge diet a few years ago when I was 12 stone and felt like a heffer.. Lost loads, put on, lots loads put on and so it goes on.

    find myself nearly 50 and 15 stone 7.... Wow!!

    Decided to try the exante as it's better for me to do without food. It's getting harder the older I get. I went through the menopause at 34 so it HAS been a hard constant battle.

    Got the starter pack for 35 so much cheaper than Cambridge..

    I'm on day 2 now. Yesterday's shepards pie was yak so would appreciate any advice on how to make it better ( tried pepper ) today I had the lovely pasta.. Followed hints from on here and it was Beautiful....lush.

    Dreading the weekend as I prefer wine to food. Planning to paint my bedroom but will still crave that bottle of wine when Strictly starts.

    Well... That's my first every dairy done...even if none can read it , I has helped writing it down. now.... What button to I press..

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    Diet: Cambridge Diet
    Height: 5ft5in
    Start Date: 10th November 2014
    Start Weight: 13st13lb
    Current Weight: 13st13lb
    Goal Weight: 12st7lb
    Goal Date: 6th December 2014

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 32.5
    Current BMI: 32.5
    Goal BMI: 29.2

    Weight to Lose: 1st6lb
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    Hello I will be here to follow your progress. I'm on th Cambridge diet plan for a few weeks.

    Good luck Hun. X
    12stone 7 lbs by 19th December 2014. (1st Goal )
    Size 12

    Week 1 - 7 lbs

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    Diet: Exante TS
    Height: 5ft3in
    Start Date: 01.01.2014
    Start Weight: 15st7lb
    Current Weight: 14st3lb
    Goal Weight: 9st7lb
    Goal Date: May 2015

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 38.4
    Current BMI: 35.2
    Goal BMI: 23.6

    Total Weight Loss: 1st4lb
    Weight to Lose: 4st10lb
    % Lost 8.29%
    Welcome to the forum. You will find keeping a diary is most useful in being accountable to yourself. Try to post regularly as it does help through those difficult times

    I love the Shepherds pie, it actually my favourite & I just add cayenne pepper to it.

    Hope today is going well x

    RESTART 10.11.2014
    WEIGH IN 01.12.14

    WEIGHT TO LOSE -56lb, LOSS SO FAR - 10lb, STILL TO LOSE 46lb

    * weekly average loss needed 4.6lb approx* ( average loss so far 4.5lb )


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    Thanks susie and honey...
    Well end of day 3 and about to go to bed. Wednesday is normally a wine night as I have a lie in on a Thursday so in a way, this was my first hurdle...Really missed the wine but chuffed to get to end of day 3 and awaiting that magical ketosis..
    Decided on my plan. I'm going to do 100% until 6th Dec when I put my decorations up. I really love that warm feeling when the lights are turned on for the first time.. After that weekend, another couple of weeks until the Xmas week then a week off to restart the first Monday in January..
    My first goal is to get into the 15 s.. Really hope by Monday.
    Had the vegetable soup today and was dreading it . The soup on the Cambridge is gross. This soup was lush and thick.. Still not happy with the shepards pie but only 5 more til I've used them up.. Planning to get a curry and spag big in my next delivery... Loving the hot vanilla with coffee.

    Well off to bed, wine free . Ha ha ha ....

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    Well.. End of day 4 and in lushly ketosis!! Had a good day. Divided my vanilla into 3 so having my final 'milky' coffee of the day before I retire. Had shepards pie again and was actually saying ' mmmmmm ' as I ate it. Found a great app called Happy Scales.
    Unfortunately I'm a NDW. ( naughty daily weigher ) ? This app lets you record you weight daily but graphs it as a predicated line.. Handy for if you have a weigh gain or stay the same. Highly recommend it for fellow NDW's.
    Put another order in today as convinced I will do the 4 weeks 100% so wanted a bit more variety. The website still showed 40% off but when I placed my order it said that it had expired? Spoke to the lovely Christian at HQ and he sorted it all out for me.
    Ordered some chilli, curry, spag Bol and more yummy pasta...
    Well I'm off to sip my coffee then off to bed. Don't have that Friday felling cos no wine this weekend but hey... It's only 3 weekends til I have my weekend off.

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