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Thread: Lost Weight Splitting Meals

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    Lost Weight Splitting Meals

    Had anyone lost weight splitting up the meals, as I know yet say to have 3 a day, well today I am doing
    - mint Choc shake for breakfast
    - Turkey for lunch
    - 1/4 of Choco bar about 3pm
    - 1/4 of Choco bar about 5:30pm
    - Half a banana Shake at 8pm

    I have such a long day at work that I feel I am getting very very hungry On the late afternoons.

    Let me know if anyone else splits meals
    X thanks X
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    Hey, I haven't as yet tried splitting them, but I know quite a few have, I definitely know of Marge, if you check her diary.

    There's no problem whatsoever splitting it as you see fit. It's about the overall intake in the day, not about having the full pack in one go.

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    I split my packs all the time and had no problems.
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