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Thread: re-starting tomorrow with loads to lose anyone wanna buddy up?

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    re-starting tomorrow with loads to lose anyone wanna buddy up?

    So lost like 4 stone between january and my birthday (6th may) then massively fell off the wagon then got with my boyfriend who I've come to the conclusion is a feeder so it seems it's taken me 2 days to get over new years so decided tomorrow 3rd is my new year start and this time I'm determined to not look back I've left my scales at my home and have been back with family for christmas so won't be able to weigh myself till wednesday when I get back I'm a bit to scared to look at them anyway to be honest I went from 17st3lb in jan to 13st13lb back in may and I reckon I'm probably about 17.10 now I don't know how I let this happen bu I want to get back down to 13,13 by may then down to and stay at 11st by let say sept anyone got a lot to lose and want to go on a mission with support and myabe a little friendly competition to keep us motivated?

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    I'm restarting on Monday 6th. I did it for 4 weeks before my wedding and lost 17lbs but I've put all that back on.
    we are trying for a baby but I have pcos so currently on clomid, a fertility drug.
    assuming I don't fall pregnant in the next couple of months on this, then I'm back at the hospital beginning of March. For me to be put through for ivf I need to lose 2 1/2 stone. Therefore determined to get the weight off.

    would be good to have a buddy.
    good luck and keep updating. X

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    Goal Date: Whenever I arrive :)

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    how are you both getting on x

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