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Thread: Newbie. Day One. Let's do this!!!

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    Newbie. Day One. Let's do this!!!

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick introduction. I'm 27, recently married and am in the overweight bracket for the first time in my life. After the wedding my husband and I sort of let things slide a little bit (a lot bit really, takeaway almost every night and too much booze) so when I stepped on the scales before Christmas I was almost floored by my weight gain, and decided something had to give! I did a lot of research on different VLCDs and decided on Exante as the best option for me. I bought the four week bumper pack and started this morning. I'm currently munching on the chocolate and orange bar, it's not amazing but it's not terrible. I am really determined to do something about my weight and get healthy again.

    Day one. Feeling fine, slightly apprehensive and hopeful I'll have support at home! Hoping all you lovely people can keep me focused!

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    The first day is always the worst! You'll be losing weight in no time! I find that all of the food starts tasting better after a day or two as well which is great. Xx
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    Hello and welcome!

    One chunk at a time:

    The bigger picture:


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    Awesome! Thanks guys! Good to know things start tasting better after a few days. I kept thinking the bar tasted kind of ashen, if that makes sense, like ash and kind of dry. Decent flavour though. My sister called around last night and we inevitably opened a bottle of wine (not on the plan!) and ordered from Dominos (VERY NOT ON THE PLAN) but I thought if I delay because of that then I'll never start! I've sent my DH downstairs to polish off all of the pizza while I work on my college assignments (and getting water into me!).

    Loving this forum! I only found it about a month ago and have been lurking ever since waiting for my time to start!
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    Hi Solo and welcome - well done to you for deciding to do the diet now and not like so many of us putting more weight on and regretting it.

    Got to be honest and say the first 3 days are the worst for most people but once you're over them you'll start feeling great.

    Good luck with the diet and please keep us posted as to how you're getting on.

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