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Thread: Tastebud changes?

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    Tastebud changes?

    Well I've just accused hubby of spiking my tea with sugar, and turned out I was wrong.

    I was sure my tea had sugar in it, until
    I tasted his and it was disgustingly sweet (he only takes one small sugar).

    I think my tastebuds have changed!

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    Giving up sugar def makes it taste sweeter.. when you're back on normal food, you'll find somethings taste sweet that didn't before - like milk!

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    I just searched for this topic as I have been on the Harcombe diet for just over a week. I whipped up some fresh cream last night for my strawberries. I usually put a bit of icing sugar in it to give it a slightly sweeter taste, but really didn't need to (which is lucky as it's not part of the diet plan).

    I wasn't expecting such a change. I gave up milk and sugar in tea and coffee years ago and if anyone gives me a sugary cuppa', it's like drinking syrup and makes me feel ill. I guess I must have been eating more sugary food than I thought.

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