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Thread: Newbieeee that needs motivation

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    Newbieeee that needs motivation

    Hi all,

    I have just ordered my first lot of exante products, did LL about 6 years ago and lost 6 stone.. Now am back to now needing to loose around 7-8 stone. I feel in the right headspace to do it again, as tried a couple of years ago with Cambridge, but just couldn't get into it. I suffer badly with psoriasis, (even worse than 6 years ago) I just wanted to know if anybody else has seen an improvement with skin conditions whilst doing exante, Im hoping this will also give me motivation to stick with it to improve my skin and look and feel better by loosing weight. I have got to the point where I actually want the break from food as I feel I am out of control and it is a daily battle in my head what I should or shouldn't be eating.

    Be great to hear some motivation, tips, support, and encouragement from others doing the exante diet.

    Binks x

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    I started on exante 4 days ago. I also felt like the break from food. Good luck and you can do this

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    Well the first step is wanting to make a change. No one is going to lie and say it's easy to just stop having food and going onto the packs but sometimes doing things such as setting mini-goals and breaking down the weight into manageable chunks makes it feel more achievable. The first couple of days are going to be the hardest. I am on day 2 of a restart and I am struggling because I know these are the hardest few days and little things will make you want to raid the fridge! But just remember that soon you won't be feeling hungry and you'll have more energy. Try planning small trips out that don't involve going to restaurants and that to start with just to occupy your time if you can. But you can do this! You want it go lose it! Good luck!

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    4 - to lose a total of 3st 7lb (10st 12lbs)

    5 - to lose a total of 4st (10st 5lbs)

    6 - to fit comfortably into a size 12 dress/jeans

    7 - to lose a total of 4st 7lb (9st 12lbs)

    8 - to lose a total of 5st (9st 5lbs)

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    Diet: exante- total solution
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    Hello Hun I don't have 'bad skin' as such but yes I am a little spotty etc but when I did the diet a few months ago my skin looked amazing. My partner kept commenting saying it looks so healthy and my face felt so soft! I hope it happens again this time and I do hope it helps with your skin xx
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    GOAL ------ Reach 8.7 -9st range for the Vegas trip end of oct!

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    Hey ladies

    Thanks for your encouragement, first day today and it actually hasn't been that bad, have tried to drink lots to avoid headaches. Have felt a bit hungry today and still have another pack to have yet.

    It says on the website that you can have any 3 of exante's packs a day.. Does this include bars? I forgot how much I actually hate the shakes and it would be far more practical to have 3 bars a day but not sure if you would be in ketosis ? Any one have an advice/ experience of having 3 bars a day??


    Binks x

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