Hi all, I am just wondering if anyone is doing working solution and if so, how do you find your weight loss?. I noticed that there seems to be no sticky for working solution or maybe, I just cant see it above.

I am hoping to be starting tommorrow or wednesday when my bumper pack of bars arrive. I will be on three bars and one salad/omelette per day. I would be very happy with a 1-2lb loss per week because it seems that I may be able to sustain this diet longer. I have done every tfr ie Lipotrim, celebrity slim, exante total solution, slim and save etc etc, lol. However, I always put the weight all back on.

I feel that, if i lose the weight slower, I may be able to sustain my weightloss.Here's hoping, lol.

I hope you are all enjoying the weightloss!!

Claire x