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Thread: Day 1 starting tomorrow

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    Day 1 starting tomorrow

    At 12st 10 and the heaviest I have ever been my weight is really getting me down. I have always been fit and healthy but let the weight pile on the last few years.
    I have a holiday in 5 weeks so hoping to lose as much as possible. I'm away for a week then back for a month then go away again so it would be nice to lose 2 stone by the second holiday on 11th August. I'm very active so that isn't an issue, just struggle with eating well. Have always been able to eat what I want and not put on weight until a few years ago, so it's a hard habit to break.

    Anyone know how much weight I should roughly be losing from this starting weight?

    Would love to be able to converse and feed back with people on the same journey and help each other get healthy!

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    Welcome CharHarris

    The guidelines say that a woman can lose around a stone a month and a man about a stone to a stone and half...but this can vary up and down as we are all different...I find if you are tall and active it does seem to give an extra edge in the weight loss battle. I would think you should have at least two stone if not more off in time for your holidays if you follow the plan 100%.

    Good luck with Exante and I will pop by to see how you are doing.
    Love Mini xxx

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    Good luck Char, hope it works well for you - I've just finished week 5 of a restart after a weekend off and in that time I've lost 2st 1/4lb. As Mini says it does vary from person to person, all I can advise is to do your best, stick to it 100% and the weight will come off you.

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