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Thread: Back to the Gym & 30 Day Shred

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    Back to the Gym & 30 Day Shred

    Hi Guys

    Tomorrow will be my first day back at the gym !! Ive not done a work out for a very long time, the last exercise i did was running, but the past 4 weeks i havent done a things as i have pulled a muscle in my shoulder which seems to be healing .... so tomorrow i will attempt the treadmill , i am also hoping to get back into my 30day shred dvd which i started last year, i really enjoyed that and the 20min session worked out great for me with having kids and also working !
    Has anyone else tried the 30 day shred and is everyone finding time to fit the gym in ? im trying to fit the gym in twice as week adn try a few sessions of my DVD

    Good luck to everyone

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    Hi, hope it went well at the gym.
    I have started going swimming once a week and then aquafit once-twice a week. I am upping it each week and am going to add the gym to it next week. I try to go once my little boy is in bed and partner is fed and watered lol so he can't moan. I am starting the 30 DS dvd once I have finished my placement next week.
    J xx

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