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    Need some tips!

    Hey everyone!
    To help me shift some timber, I'm going to up my exercise! I'm rubbish at it so it's a hard slog but I'm determined to get back to a size 14!!

    I'm am currently doing approx 10 mins on our exercise bike and have got the Davina and Colleen and a 10 minute work out for LBT dvd's.
    Do you think this will be enough or do I need to do more???
    Thanks in advance ?
    Rialou80 - determined to shift some timber!

    NEW Goals for 2014
    Have better lunches and snacks -

    Exercise twice a week or more
    Gym joined 14th August
    Mini goals:
    Tuesday - gym session
    Thursday - LBT (Legs, bums, tums)
    possibly x1 other day = x1 other fitness class/gym

    Get down to 13st 7lbs by 25th November (5th Anniversary trip to London!)

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    Personally I'd say anything is better than nothing!! However the most important thing to control is food, so you'd need to make sure you eat the right things and within whatever diet rules you're following!! I know, it's easy to say and harder to do!!

    ive also started a particular type of exercise on the bike and cross trainer at the gym, basically you work out for 20 minutes, but sprint/give it all you've got for 8 seconds, then recover for 12 seconds. Keep repeating it for the 20 minutes. Apparently this type of high interval training gets you fitter faster and burns fat like there's no tomorrow! It's not easy to keep it going for the 20 ,minutes but I burn tons of calories doing it (I use a polar heart watch to measure)

    hope you find you are successful!


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