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Thread: Cardio dilemma

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    Cardio dilemma

    Hi all

    Been long time since on forum and got myself stuck in fitness rut.

    I've booked a holiday for Jan 15 and given myself too much of a challenge to lose significant amount of weight(4-5 stone :-( )

    I had joined gym and was given a program, cardio based but slipped away. I was hoping to up my cardio exercise to 5 days a week, 1-2 hrs.

    I was hoping for maximum weight loss by possibly doing treadmill via HIT for 50-60 mins on walking basis, x trainer 25 mins and exercise bike for 10-15 mins. Is that too much?

    I'm gutted that my confidence over took and now I've gor my dream holiday and now left myself too much to do.

    Really appreciate your thoughts


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    Have you tried any classes yet? Does your gym do them? I find they're more beneficial for me because I get bored doing cardio looking at the telly. Eg I enjoy body pump and today I burnt 600kcals, I like the classes because I feel they work more parts of my body & time flies!!
    Ps, I also got myself stuck in a fitness rut and I'm dragging myself out of it kicking and screaming!!
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    Ok its not too much but a good way to speed this and shock your body is doing the intervals.

    I do 20 mins on a cross trainer I do 30 seconds High intensity , high level ect & then 30 seconds lower speed but still moving for the whole session, I work up more of a sweat than going flat out for 20 minutes.
    With treadmill alternate between inclines/no inclines and the speeds.
    Cardio is good for quick fatloss but weights also help you burn fat faster after use so mix up your cardio and add weights. If you prefer cardio try kettlebells, They mix up the cardio and strength aspects.

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    Thanks much appreciated.

    I'm contemplating dropping one night of the gym to do dos Zumba class.

    Can I ask the amount of cals you are burning, what's your daily allowance of calories and are you sticking to any particular eating plan? At moment I'm not sticking to any plan perse

    Many thanks


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    Will do

    Best of luck with your journey and let me know

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    The quickest way to burn fat and calories is to mix cardio and strength training in one - but if you prefer cardio do that purely because if you're enjoying your exercise you're more likely to stick to it!

    You'll also find that strength training tones you up more, I was aiming to lose 5 stone by July this year for a holiday and get down to a size 12, I didn't get that, but I lost 3, but to my surprise I was down to a 10/12, smaller than I'd been at a lower weight before because my boy was SO much more toned. Work more than one muscle group at a time, if you're sitting on the exercise bike, you could use some small hand weights, it'll work much faster for you.

    Good luck!

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