Hi all, I started the cambridge diet step 2 yesterday!!

I actually felt quite good, no headaches or anything bad but I drank loads of water!!

We were also around some friends house as well who had done a huge homemade KFC style buffet and chocolate puddings etc

I measured out the chicken and some green veg and that was it! Resisted everything else

Despite my friends efforts saying "oh Kymberley this is so nice you have to try it" - personally this got my really hacked off!!

And she also asked me why I was on a diet, I said to loose weight-particularly around my hips and bum and she then said you wouldn't be Kym without all that tho!!! Cheeky so and so!!!

I have more about me than a big bum and hips, thankyou very much!!

Anyway feel great and can't wait for my weigh in, how much shall I expect to see lost, if anything at all lol?!