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Thread: Need a brand spanking new bright idea to get me kick-started in 2014

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    Need a brand spanking new bright idea to get me kick-started in 2014

    Hello!!Bit of an old-timer here, I am not new to this dieting malarkey (sorry, not “diet” I meant “permanent change of lifestyle”) and all at the grand old age of 25..sob.I tried Slimming World for a fair few years, I have done calorie counting and I have tried low-carbing. They all worked to some extent and each had their own set of pro’s and con’s!I’ve been just “healthy eating” for quite some time now but feel like I need a bit more structure with my diet. I’m toying with the idea of going back to SW but I’m just not sure it works for me any more, I just eat too much.I was very strict over Christmas as I had a beautiful dress I had to fit into on NYE so since then I’ve let myself have a bit of a fat-January! I was going to keep going for the whole month but the guilt has finally set in so I’m back on the wagon as of today.I want to try something new, something that will give me a bit of a kick-start into 2014?? Help anyone?? Have any of you tried something new this year, is it working so far??Thank you xxx
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    Personally, I'm still new to losing weight and 'dieting', but my mum's a pro by now. She actually does what DaleC has suggested - she's done every diet on the planet so now she knows exactly what works for her and what doesn't. She does bits of every diet and it seems to be working better for her than any other diet ever has. Good luck with yours!
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