Having to already cope with gallstones and hyperacidity. I now have IBS! This is the lady who, apart from a nasty back injury when I was nursing, never had a dayís illness in my life. When I hit 60, 5 years ago, everything seemed to breakdown at the same time.
I had good results with using Slimfast alongside a low fat diet, and more walking etc but now I have to rethink a bit. This isnít a vanity diet any longer, it is a hard and fast life style change.

I reckon that if I eat sensibly and healthily and exercise (moderately to start) on my exercise bike the weight loss will be a side effect of the new me.
I have creaky knees but if you saw what shoes I wore in the 60ís and 70ís, the wonder is that I can walk at all.

Looking forward to getting some tips and inspiration on here.