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Thread: Thinking of starting Herbalife

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    Thinking of starting Herbalife


    I'm thinking of starting herbalife but dont have the cash to go to consultant. i was going to buy the products online however i cant find any information on how many tablets a day i need to take? how much protein i need to add, what do i need to avoid and what can i still eat? i can i still have diet juice and coffee??

    if anyone can let me know or knows of any sites i can look on it would be appreciated.


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    I dont have a consultant. I read what I know on the internet. I don't use extra protein. The instructions on how to take the tablets and shake is on the package. The program u buy will depend on your goals, and money u have to spend. I felt sick the first few days but give it a shot. I use it to help me count calories/ meal replacement. Good luck

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    I know this an old thread but it doesn't cost any extra to see a herbalife distributer/wellness coach. It does mean you get the right tailored plan for you. Please don't go it alone, and if you don't have a distributer then please don't just buy them online. You really won't get the best advice or the right plan for you (If you do then please speak to them and get as much help as you need)
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