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Thread: Don't Bin Your Old Bra's!

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    Exclamation Don't Bin Your Old Bra's!

    The Bra Appeal - Donate Unwanted Bras to Charity

    Don't throw your old bras away - Donate them to charity with the Bra Appeal.

    We're asking for all your old bras as long as they are in good condition and straps and clasps are in good working order. Send them to us and we can distribute them to charities throughout the UK and overseas.

    There are many women across the world who for some reason don't have a bra. They may be homeless in the UK or living in a country where the price of a bra is more than a meal for their family. The Bra Appeal is trying to help these women by collecting and distributing your unwanted bras to charities in the UK and abroad.A bra is something that all us women take for granted. Imagine being a 34DD or 36FF and not having a bra to support your breasts or wearing the wrong sized bra day in day out. The extra stress on your back can cause all kinds of problems including back-ache and back problems later in life. There are many women in the UK and around the world that put up with this every day. The bra appeal is here to help them.

    We will be sending the bras to various charities in the UK and overseas.

    The first charity to benefit is Centrepoint who help homeless women and men in the UK. Their emergency hostel in Soho, London have a real need for bras to offer the young women who stay at the project. One project worker explained how they tried to squeeze a 'well endowed' young woman into a training bra and it wasn't ideal!!What types of Bra can you donate?
    • Any style - but not too sexy or see through
    • Any Size - Especially large or small sizes
    • US or European sizes are fine
    • Maternity or Nursing bras are fine

    • Please post all bras to the address below in a small Jiffy type bag or box.
    • YOU MUST wash all bras before you post them.
    • Check the straps and clasps are in working order and there are no rips or tears in the material.
    • Please attach a small piece of paper to each bra with the size. Use a paper clip and attach to one of the straps.
    • If you are sending new bras please let us know they are new.
    Post your Bras to: - Bra Appeal
    PO Box 71
    SY7 0WZ

    You can find out the latest news and information about the Bra Appeal by visiting our Special Bra Appeal forum.

    If you require any information about this appeal or you are a charity that could make use of unwanted bras please email

    You can help us promote the Bra Appeal in many ways. If you own a shop, run a website or have a notice board at work you can help by advertising our appeal.

    A5 Flyer
    We have produced an A5 flyer that can be printed out and posted on a notice board at your workplace or shop. The flyer is in black & white as to save on colour printer ink and you can download it in PDF format by clicking the link below.

    Download the A5 flyer here

    Website promotion

    We have produced a 468x60 banner to display on websites. If you run a website and have some room for this banner in your rotation please download it below and link it to
    Love Mini xxx

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    Im always here!

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    Mini I have a huge bag full now and was going to ask you for the address again as I lost the paper I wroet it down on......thanks for this

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    thats a goo idea

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    Fantastic idea, I'm going to go through my underwear drawer tomorrow. xxx

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    what a great idea, never would have thought about that.

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    That is a great idea - especially for this site, where people are going to be dropping sizes so don't need their bigger bras any more!

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    One day at a time :)

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    This is fantastic! I didn't realise there were charities like this around! :O I will def be passing some of mine on!


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    great idea, hopefully will have some in the next couple of weeks

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    Hi just found this thread, has it been posted on other sites or parts of the MiniMins??

    Hope you dont mind as I have copied it (without your personal email address) onto another site I use re loosing weight.

    I think it would be useful if it was posted every now and then to remind people about the need.

    I wish I had seen this last week as I binned 10 bras. I will keep a note so when I loose more weight I will send my old ones off.

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    Wow what a fantasic idea - so many people overlook the need for a bra and the impact it could have on some people (back ache etc)

    This is such a great charity - I'm going to root through mine, my sisters and my mums collection now (especially my sister who probably has a bra for every outfit and in every colour, pattern and style imaginable!!)

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    Awesome! I was just about to bin a load of bras that don't fit. Now they can go to a worthwhile cause

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    Thats a great idea, would be one of those things i'd be too embarressed to bring in to a charity shop

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    Thats a fantastic idea, especially as i understand that its difficult being a bigger size. i'm a 34G and its really difficult finding bra's but for the less fortunate it must be horrible. xx <3 great idea.

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    Was just about to bin a load! Will sort out tommrow! Thanks

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    Just found this and am amazed that bras can be recycled like this, FANTASTIC! Love to recycle as much stuff as I can. Now going to email all in my family to save their "old" bras.

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