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Thread: New girl!

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    Talking New girl!

    Hi guys!

    I'm new here obviously, and I'm just looking for some online friends to help me through my weight loss and for me to help you in return.

    I'm 23 in Feb, 5'5 tall ish and I weigh 113 kg, or 17.7 stone. I only just started my diet on 20th Jan because I wanted to get Christmas out the way first, before I started I weighed 115kg.

    The reason I want to do this is health reasons, I get ridiculously out of breath just going up stairs or running a very short while for the bus. Another reason is clothes too, I'm sick of not being able to shop where ever I want, only in big size shops like Evans or simply be. (I'm a size 26) its very limiting especially when I like black/gothicy clothing or anything a bit different.

    I've tried dieting before but it just didn't go well, I think you have to be ready psychology to take something like this on and back them I wasn't.

    I'm a administrator for my job so I'm sat down for 30+ plus hours a week which doesn't help so I bought myself a roger black cross trainer, I can only manage a certain amount of time on it so far but its going well.

    My diet so far is meals and snacked picked from other diets, I'm a VERY picky eater so one diet wont really work for me, I'm doing about 1200 calories per day using the my fitness pal.

    Would love to swap healthy recipes with people. :-D

    Anyway I've rambled on for long enough! Hope to meet some nice people. Thanks!

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    Hiya and welcome to Minis There's loads of recipes on the calorie counting forum, plus if you look on the other forums, I'm sure you could work out the calories to the recipes posted there too. Good luck on your weight loss journey x

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    Welcome Silver. There's so many motivational people here it will definitely boost you to want to do this. It sure has me! Best of luck hun x

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    hiya welcome to the forum. just to wish u good luck with ur weight loss journey. u can do it.

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