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Thread: hi everyone

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    Talking hi everyone

    Hello everyone

    i found this site on a random search for omelete recipes and liked the look of it so thought i would register

    decided i got to alter what i eat if i ever want to feel better and lose weight so thought signing up somewhere would help cause i can get advice and suggestions

    my current goal is so lose 100 lbs, big goal i know but i will get there with strength and hard work

    joining the gym tomorrow and im going to be going every day, even the days i dont feel like it i will make myself go. no more take aways or fast food on the way home from work or bacon sandwiches for my lunch, will be using my steamer more and also making pasta to take to work with me

    if anyone out there has any good ideas on meals for just 1 person i can make for myself that is healthy to eat at home and take to work with me (has to be cold since there is no microwave or anything there) i will love you forever i have a steamer, slow cooker, an oven and a microwave at home. my deep fat fryer had a little 'accident' and fell into the garbage so no more of that teehee

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    Diet: Weight Watchers
    Height: 1.68m
    Start Date: 21/03/2014
    Start Weight: 97kg
    Current Weight: 85kg
    Goal Weight: 80kg
    Goal Date: 04/11/2014

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 34.5
    Current BMI: 30.2
    Goal BMI: 28.5

    Total Weight Loss: 12kg
    Weight to Lose: 5kg
    % Lost 12.35%
    Lots of luck with your weight loss :-)
    Fat girls don't get NHS funded IVF.....get a grip Kelly!

    Goal 1 - stick to diet for 1 FULL week
    Goal 2 - get under 15 stone 02/05/14
    Goal 3 - lose 6 lbs 23/05/2014
    Goal 4 - half way target
    Goal 5 - target reached! 22/08/14

    New target! 75kg by 04/11/124

    Goal 1 - Stay under 85kg without yo-yo-ing!
    Goal 2 - 80kg
    Goal 3 - Stay under 80kg without yo-yo-ing!
    Goal 4 - 75kg

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    Hello nixxy. I am impressed with your good intentions to lose extra weight. Actually I find your plan rather restrictive. Of course this is my personal view. Your thoughts, feelings and actions will define the end result. I wish you the best!
    There is something I'd like to ask: how would you describe your relationship with food all these years?

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    Hi nixxy,

    Good on you for getting into a great state of mind! I lived on my own for a bit and found that turkey breast/steaks was a life saver, its lean and really good for you. You can use it just like chicken in most dishes or just have it with healthy fry-light chips. Its great with a couple laughing cow extra light cheese triangles, sliced peppers, some fresh cracked black pepper and mixed with pasta. Its also great for leftovers and have it for lunch!

    I love cooking and creating healthy recipes or testing them out from recipe books :-)

    Sophie xx
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    Hey Nixxy sounds like a great plan you have there. My problem is take aways and coke so planning to give them up but I'm not that much into cooking (even though I worked as a chef once!) which maybe a problem sadly but I'll give it a whirl

    How did you get on at the gym. I think that's something I'll have to do eventually but I think I want to get the good side up and running first.

    Good luck with it all

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    Zechti's point with chicken and turkey is fine and well tested. Another one is Salmon. Salmon is an excellent source of lean protein and a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which may helpaid weight loss by improving glucose sensitivity, reducing insulinresistance, reducing inflammation, and speeding up the oxidation offat. For a more satiating meal, serve the fish alongside roastedvegetables (artichokes, spinach, or broccoli, which all provide extra fiber). Just my 2 cents!

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