Yep the title says it all ....

I thought about this last night and gathered I may just shuffle in unsuspecting and blend into the background..... But that's prob not really my style. Besides, I've been here before and it's not new so why hide? Surely the support from you guys will defo help me hit my goal... It sure as hell did last time!

I just posted a introduction post in diaries - however stupid phone/reception clearly didn't make the cut because I cannot find it anywhere!! Bummer!

I won't type it all here... Just wondered if maybe I've done something wrong and it wasn't said phone?!

Quick intro, joined about 2 1/2 years ago at 16.13 and lost however many lbs down to 12.1. Plateau at that point but was reasonably happy with myself at that weight so just learned to relax. Well over 18months I have gained a little! Back to 13.9 so the aim is to lose the fat I gained plus some more.
I don't want to reveal my target weight as I think more importantly is just for me to be happy healthy slimmer and toned- that's the ultimate goal!

Look forward to meeting you all and poking around everyone's posts for some needed inspiration an motivation!

Oh and not following a specific diet just rules are

Higher protein
Measured carbs
Low/limited sugar
Portion control
Exercise Cardio/Strength
Lowering calories but not drastically

Thanks for staying awake to make it to the end of the post!!