So, like most posts on this thread, I thought I would say hello and introduce myself.

I have been on various diets on and off for the last 15yrs, mostly WeightWatchers but also Atkins, Diet Chef, Rosemary Conley and juicing. Most of these have been for 2-3 months but I have always had biggest success with WW. However, I feel like I need something a little different to WW and want to try something that will excite me and make me feel invigorated but will also fit around family cooking and a busy full time job so not need lots of planning and confusing rules.

I have borrowed a SW book from a friend and have had a quick look so I'm going to my first class tomorrow evening and am going to give it a go.

I want to lose 3 - 3.5 stone in total but I would love to lose 21lbs in 14 weeks if possible before we go on holiday.

Am I best to stick to the SW forums?

Thanks for any advice or help.