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Thread: Is this one going to work?!

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    Is this one going to work?!

    Hi! I've just joined slimming world and am really hoping this is going to be the diet that works for me! I've lost weight a few times before with rosemary Conley but put it back on again.
    I've always thought that 'all or nothing' was the only way I could lose weight. I hope that this diet can prove me wrong...
    Look forward to sharing tips with you all! X

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    Diet: Slimming World - Extra Easy
    Height: 5ft6in
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    Goal Date: June 2015

    BMI Information:
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    Current BMI: 30.5
    Goal BMI: 22.6

    Total Weight Loss: 3st13lb
    Weight to Lose: 3st7lb
    % Lost 22.54%
    Hi Lus

    I failed at every diet I tried until Slimming World - it totally changed my mind on the "all or nothing" front - totally get where you are coming from there!

    It's amazing how much variety of food and how much you can eat on the plan. The best bit of advice I can give you is not to deprive yourself, trust the plan. It really works.

    Wishing you all the best of luck. You can do it

    Marie xxx

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