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Thread: hi guys, 2nd time round

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    hi guys, 2nd time round

    Hi guys, ive not been on here for a while, i did have another username but ill be damned if i can remember it lol

    i did lipotrim a couple of years ago but only managed a measly 17 days, I was very nearly at goal after losing 5 stone in other ways. Well since then, i left a 4 year relationship, met someone i am extremely happy with (who happens to be a chef0 we have had a civil partnership, and i have put back on the 5 stone i worked so hard to lose!! so Day one of lipo has been today, and im doing suprisingly well since last night i ate everything i could possibly get my hands on knowing that nothing solid is going to pass my lips for the next 6 months!!! its a daunting prospect but seeing everyones losses just spurs me on. Im hoping that i will lose it quicker seen as i am a lot bigger than last time.

    im struggling more with the water intake than the lack of food

    anyway, my name is Cat and i hope to be with you for a long time, i dont intend on falling off the wagon. Im THAT dedicated (or stupid, ive not figured out which yet) that i have started lipotrim 3 weeks before my 30th birthday, and do not intend on breaking this!


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    Hey Cat
    Firstly, well done on losing the 5 stone on your own beforehand, that must have taken a lot of hard work and dedication! I've heard that it's harder doing Lipotrim the second time round, but as you suggested, your losses will probably be bigger this time and that's motivational enough!

    The water intake is hard to start with, but it does get easier I promise. You'll fly through this I'm sure, I look forward to reading about your progress x

    8th November 2013; started Lipotrim TFR at 195lbs
    20th February 2014; finished Lipotrim TFR at 154lbs (-41lbs)

    ...maintained for around a year whilst trying to lose more weight with Slim & Save, put a stone back on after Christmas...

    6th April 2015; started Lipotrim TFR at 168
    13th April 2015; week 1 at 159lbs (-9
    20th April 2015; week 2 at 158˝lbs (-˝lb)

    Aiming for 112-126lbs (8-9stone) in time for my holiday to Gran Canaria in late September!

    My Lipotrim Diary

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    Thanks for your reply, when I lost 5 stone last time I wasnt happy in my relationship so spent as much time as I could at the gym. Doing 14 hours a week which wasn't sustainable. And as i became happier with my new partner I started putting it back on. I'm really on it this time though and have looked at the pics section and its made me more positive that I could lose what I need to in less time than planned which is good. Though I'm keeping my mind set that I am going to be on it for 6 months. If i get there before hand its a bonus. My water in take is much better today. I still did 3 litres last night but did about 5 pints before bed which gave me head ache and a disturbed night cos I was peeing all night lol today I've spread it out a lot more so it's easier. I hope to be getting back in my old clothes soon and have some confidence back as I miss the slimmer me x
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    Hi Cat! Welcome back! There are lots of us who are 2nd and 3rd timers so you're not alone. I think lots of us feel daunted by the fact we've lost weight and gained it again. How great that you're happy and in a great relationship- lets now get those 5st back off!
    Good luck and keep us updated xxx

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    Thanks hopeful, start of day 3 and I'm starting to feel a little more normal. A little hyper actually. Just had to feed someone at work pie and though it smells good I didn't want any of it! Disappointed though cos I Spilt my lunch time shake all over the car so no lunch for me lol I'm proud I've gotten this far though. Here's to the next 3 months

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