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Thread: Flapjacks-nice or not?

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    Flapjacks-nice or not?

    Quick message,

    Coconut or the peanut flapjacks-which is nicer?
    Mrs W

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    Neither!! ? Tried both and it's like chewing wood!!
    Three stages...

    4th May to 5th June (kick start) - 33 days

    4th May - 14st 4lb
    11th May -
    18th May -
    25th May -
    1st June -

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    6th June -
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    21st June to 19th July (final hurdle) - 29 days

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    20th July - 1st day refeed
    21st July - 2nd day refeed
    22nd July - 3rd day refeed
    23rd July - 4th day refeed
    24th July - 5th day refeed
    25th July - 6th day refeed

    26th July - hen party - woohoo! Praying i'll be 10s 7lb

    Then follow IF to lose final two stone, it's a battle but i'll get there!

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    Peanut. But the first one or two take a bit of getting used to. Persist though because they start to be almost palatable.

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    Coconut, i hated them first couple of times but thsn got used to them. The problem with all the scrummy bars on other vlcd id once u have one u wNt another!! Not the Case with LT fj!! Give it a go.... They arnt Amaxing but for me they really really helped, like go have one with a cuppa or coffee or if im out n about n cant mske shake. Also of i went out with hubby for meal
    He'd eat and is have my flapjack. I suggest asking pharmacy got extra shake incase u detest fj n need to have shake instead. Just give it a few goes!

    Start Weight - 12stone 7lbs (20/04/2015)

    Week 1 - 11st13lbs (-8 lbs) (5:2 diet)
    Week 2 - 12 st 2lbs (+3 lbs) (5:2 diet) no idea how TOTM a couple of days later so that may explain in.
    Week 3 - 11st 8.5lbs (-7.5lbs) (Lipotrim 100%)
    Week 4 - 11st 9lbs (+0.5lbs) (4 days off plan)
    Week 5 11st10lbs (+1lb) (5:2 diet, but very naughty days in between. Did weigh 11st8lb after 2nd fast day tho)

    Diary -

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    Thanks guys, yes rotten is the answer but am just gonna stick with them for lunch time with a coffee to get use to chewing. Its only for another couple of days as im refeeding on monday and looking forward to that
    Mrs W

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    Peanut one is easier to take at the start but once you get use to them the coconut is fine and I can hardly tell the difference between them now.
    Love Mini xxx

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