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Thread: Back for a second go....

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    Back for a second go....


    I followed Lipotrim for a couple a months 2 years ago, I was suited with the loss but 2 years on and a massive lifestyle change I now have about 3 stone to lose with a big family wedding on 20th sept...!!!
    I am a single mum to 2 daughters 8&6 and I'm also the landlady of my own pub...drink is my demon unfortunately. I don't drink loads just often and this has caused this massive weight pile on in the last 12 months!!

    I'd be grateful for any support sent my way

    Helen xxx

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    Hey Helen, how are you getting on? X

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    Hi Helen. This is my 2nd time doing this diet. The first time 4 years ago. But i didn't do it 100% This time i am determined it will be my last time. I have another 5 stone and more to lose. I take each day as it comes, as if i was to think of the big picture, id crack up lol. I own a fast food restaurant, so its not how much i would eat its the constant picking. And fizzy drinks was another issue for me. All that adds up to 21 stone pretty quickly lol today i am 16st 13lbs. Wishing you all the best with your diet

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