So I promised myself on day 1 that if I got to day 9 I would start a diary. I've reached day 10 so I think it's time. Am quite hungry today for some reason but I'm battling it. I also have an earache as a result of last weeks cold which is not helping. However, I am very positive about doing this diet. My weight was really getting me down and I used to think about it every single day so it feels brilliant to be doing as much as I humanly can about it. I am 12st 2lbs, having lost 10lbs last week and am so looking forward to hitting the 11's. Am trying to take this one day at a time-sometimes even one shake at a time my hubby is being v supportive so am lucky although he's still eating normal food (low carb) so the smells are killing me.

Anyway, am leaving work shortly and can't wait to throw on some comfy clothes and lash in to Made in Chelsea at 9. Who needs comfort food when you have reality tv eh?!