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Thread: Starting Saturday 16 Feb 12 - My Diary

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    Smile Starting Saturday 16 Feb 12 - My Diary

    Hi Everyone.

    I have beeen reading all your posts over the last few days. They have been an absolute thinspiration to me.

    I dont start LighterLife Total until this Saturday.

    However in preperation yesterday I started with some herbal life shakes that i have left over from last year plus i am having a healthy tea, so last night i had steak and salad and tonight im having chicken and salad. Im trying not to have any carbs so that when i start Saturday on the shakes i wont feel to bad. Well thats the idea anyway.

    So, a little bit of background about me.

    Im 31, Have been overweight most of my adult life. Last year i lost a few stone and got down to 12.5 which i was thrilled about. I have got down to round about this weight before but never going below 12.3. For some reason i get that stage and start putting weight back on.

    Last Easter i found a lump in my breast and was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was an absolute shock as was not expecting it to be anything like that. I had the offending lump out along with some Lynph nodes. Thankfully it hadnt spread.

    Beacuse of the type of cancer and my family history I had to have Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. I was on Steroids while i had chemo and no energy whatsover. Walking up stairs was a struggle. Needless to say i piled on the weight. 2lbs shy of 3 stone.

    So here I am thowing myself at your mercy so to speak. Any tips or help glady appreciated.

    I am hoping to keep writing here everyday as I hope this will help to lose all the wight i have put on plus more of it.

    Sorry for rambling on


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    Height: 5ft3in
    Start Date: 02/01/2013
    Start Weight: 12st7lb
    Current Weight: 10st11lb
    Goal Weight: 9st7lb
    Goal Date: 01/04/2013

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 31
    Current BMI: 26.7
    Goal BMI: 23.6

    Total Weight Loss: 1st10lb
    Weight to Lose: 1st4lb
    % Lost 13.71%
    Hey Kate welcome x wow you have been through a tough time .. Hugs.. Well you are at the right place for support and friends

    You are doing well cutting the carbs down before you start it will help with the transition to the plan . Don't cut back on the carbs completely as you need some over the next few days - maybe cut out all the potato bread pasta to start with .

    The first week is the toughest - just try and get through it anyway you can , have early nights, distract yourself during meal times ,.. It will pass and by the end if the first week you will start to feel better.( also your first week loss will be amazing ).

    Another tip is to keep sipping water - I do probably about 3 litres a day - you need to do 2 over the course of the day but I find if you drink to thirst I get through a load more ... If you feel hungry have a glass of water ( don't force it down ) drink to thirst ... A lot of ladies swear that the more they drink the better their loss .. But do what you feel is right for you ...

    If you have a weak moment - just jump on the boards there is always someone around to help you through ...

    Good luck x you can do this

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    LLife Total Start 1/1/13 12st 07lbs
    LLife Lite Start 16/02/13 11st 01lbs
    Slim & Save 25/02/13 10st 13lbs
    JUDDD 11/03/2013 10st 11lbs

    Weight Loss
    WI 0 12st 07lbs
    WI 1 -8lbs 11st 12lbs (LL)
    WI 2 -2lbs 11st 10lbs (LL)
    WI 3 -1lbs 11st 09lbs (LL)
    WI 4 -3lbs 11st 06lbs (LL)
    WI 5 -2lbs 11st 04lbs (LL)
    WI 6 -2lbs 11st 02lbs (LL)
    WI 7 -1lbs 11st 01lbs (LL)
    WI 8 -2lbs 10st 13lbs (S&S)
    WI 9 -1lbs 10st 12lbs (S&S)(TOTM)
    WI10-1lbs 10st 11lbs (S&S)
    WI11 Hopefully I can STS (Refeed/ JUDDD)
    WI12 (JUDDD)
    WI13 (JUDDD)

    Total - 23lbs To go 19lbs

    Goal –Continue LLT until day 45, 15th Feb - DONE
    Goal – Move to LLL on 16th Feb - DONE
    Goal - Move to S&S on 25th Feb - DONE
    Goal - Move to JUDDD on 11th March - DONE

    Goal – Refeed and move down to 10st 7lbs by 31st March (2nd Stone) - 4lbs to go
    Goal - get to 10st by 30th Apri1 - 11lbs to go
    Goal - get to 9st 7lb by 30th May - 20lbs to go

    Goal – Start Exercise at least 3 times a week - Getting there! - DOING IT!

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    Hey Curvy1.

    Thanks for your reply and the hugs. I havent done the support forum thingy before but i am really determined this time to shift all thius stubborn weight so I am asking for all the help I can get

    Thank you for all the tips. I have started with the water already, drinking 5-6 pints a day. No idea what this is in litres. Not feeling hungry at all. I have been having cravings though for all things naughty. But I am trying to tell myself that its not for ever. Just for 3-4 months and then hopefully I will have good relationship with foopd where Im not reaching for it every time I get sad, happy, angry etc. Basically any excuse! lol

    Have you stuck to the plan 100%? You sseem to be doing really well. I am rooting for you to get into the 10's this week.

    I had such a rubbish day yesterday. TOTM, Work was stressfull and I am also renovating a new flat i bought a few months ago, which is at a standstill at the moment and so frustrating. Usually I would have caved and binged on anything I could have got my hands on and then felt rubbish about myself afterwards. But for some reason even though i was having such a cr*ppy day I resisted!! I hope this is a sign of things to come and that I am finally starting to change my eating habbits!!!!


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    So not even started LL and already fallen off the wagon.

    Had a filling this morning at the dentist and also got an infection. Came home from work eearly feeling sorry
    for myself and in pain. So I have reached for te bread bin, 4 slices of toast with butter and some milk tray down I aam now really dissapointed with myself.

    Im trying to draw a line under it and have a healthy tea and not eat anymore rubbish! Hopefully can do it!

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