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    Hi guys
    New to this forum hoping helps me with weight loss. I have finally decided to start this low carb diet and doing ok. I was a seriel binger and put on stones

    But its been a week and i have been eating fruit, meats with veg or salad... and cheese.

    Brings me to my question which is
    Are all cheese ok to eat on a low carb diet. I check label and says carbs around 0.1g but fat is high as the protein... is it ok for this type of diet?

    Advice is appreciated

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    I've heard that hard cheeses are okay, the softer ones like cream cheese etc not so much. However, some low carb diets recommend limiting cheese for the first few weeks as it has been found to slow weight loss. I hope that has been helpful

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    Trying very hard!

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    Fruit is high in carbs as is the majority of veg. Veg to go for is things like: Cauli, Brocolli (not loads though) Spinach, Leaves, Cucumber, Avocado.

    Things like onions, tomatoes, carrot can be high in sugar therefore high in carbs.

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