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Thread: 'Britain's fattest teenager' regains weight after losing 14st

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    'Britain's fattest teenager' regains weight after losing 14st

    Georgia Davis, a girl dubbed ‘Britain’s fattest teenager’, now weighs 28st after regaining the weight she lost at a 'fat camp' in the US.
    I don't know whether to be sad or angry at this news.

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    I feel desperately sorry for her. I watched her story with interest as at 33 stone I was the same weight. I was so pleased for her when she lost so much weight and looked fantastic and it actually spurred me on though it took a long time for me to start! When I saw this in the paper today I nearly cried.

    It's so so difficult, what the answer is I don't know....We all know that our heads need to be in the right place, if only there was a way to make it happen. I feel extremely lucky that I'm 'there' at the moment but fear losing it.

    There are so many reasons we all turn to food and the unhappiness it can take to do that can be overwhelming. When you're in that state of despair there seems no way out.

    I just feel so sorry for her and want to give her a great big hug and help her see it's possible!

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    I too feel sad, but at the same time I find it hard to believe that she has no support from the NHS.

    She obviously benefits from group participation and would find it better if she could join a slimming club so she has people to help & motivate her.

    Hopefully she will now get the support she needs after the article in The Telegraph.

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    I didn't watch the show but I'm guessing that the fat camp she was in gave her a strict regime to follow and I'm also 'guessing' that she was staying on site..therefore she will have had professional help and support every minute of the day which is what she obviously needs, I've felt like I need that from time to time. Not everyone has the will power to go it alone, and she must be under a lot of pressure having to look after her parents, goodness, it does'nt take much for me to reach for the chocolate so how must she feel with her parents being so ill and her being their carer at such a young age?

    I'm not saying that a local slimming group wouldnt help her but I would have thought that she needs some sort of counseling along with more regular meetings with a qualified dietitian. Weekly meetings are sometimes too far apart, especially for one who has such problems. I wish her luck, it's so sad.

    Used to be super slim, stopped smoking, ate too much junk food, piled on 6 stone, lost 4 stone on Cambridge Diet, then fell off the wagon and stuffed myself silly, gained back the 4 stone lost and 2 more for good measure!

    Hoping to at least start calorie counting soooonish, before getting back onto ww

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    I think her parent's behaviour is very disappointing, I know they have their own problems but they were given a golden opportunity to change the whole families diet and save their daughter's life. They should have been given education and support in this too though.
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    Jim, thank you for sharing this. i'm both, sad and angry. Sad because a teenager shouldn't be going through this alone (as she claims in the article), angry because her parents should really help her, being supportive and improve their health as well!

    I hope someone (psychologists, nutritionits and other qualified peopple) listen to it and help her. She has a life in front of her and she deserves to enjoy it

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    Honestly, my first reaction was "How the hell could she let this happen to herself again"....

    Then I had a think, and I put on 2 stone out of 4 that I had lost...

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    It is so much easier to put it back on than lose it. Sadly eating healthy is for life and not just til you get to to your correct weight.

    Lets hope she gets the help and assistance she needs.

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    That is such a shame! What an opportunity to be given and then to put it all back on, such an easy thing to do but also should have been given more support when she got back.
    Although it must be difficult for her parents due to their illnesses, they should really be trying to help her as much as possible as well as themselves.
    Such a sad story x

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    it is so sad to think she lost all that weight and now has to go through losing it all over again because she didnt get the support she needed after she lost it first time round
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    I was reading this and a couple lines of the article but got a call to go round my parents. Was speaking to mum about it after dinner, think she'd saw prog too. I was trying to explain to her it was like a heroin addict staying clean for 6 months then suddenly going back to it and wondering how it happened when she wondered why she'd put the weight back on.

    I can definately understand how it can happen, as i consider myself a food addict.

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    When a child gets so enormous that they are told they will die if they dont lose weight, i would say the parents should take some of the blame, after all, children dont cook for themselves, someone must have been giving her all this junk food, massive portions etc. You can have all the NHS help in the world, but if your mother is slopping masses of food on a plate, its not going to work.

    Its like when you see these massive americans who cant even get out of bed, they have friends and family members bringing them crap to eat in bed.

    I'm so disapointed this girl has regained the weight but im not surprised really. it's hard to have self control, i can't imagine how difficult it is when you weigh nearly 30 stone.

    the only two words that come to mind when reading this article is: Gastric Band.

    But it shouldnt be down to a surgical operation, its do-able the natural way. Although not everyone can stick to it, as this story shows. So maybe a procedure is the only way she can physically stop herself from eating.

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    im sorry but someone should have stepped in in the time she gained ten stone not just a few but TEN so why didnt they do something its very sad...
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    I find this extremely sad, poor poor girl. My worst nightmare to be honest....

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    have some of you not read the story?

    she is caring for both her parents, mum with a heart condition and dad with cancer. I wouldnt blame them as she is her own person, but its so sad
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