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Thread: First pregnancy and a massive worrier!

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    First pregnancy and a massive worrier!


    I have just found out that I am 5 weeks preganant after 4 months of trying and having PCOS.

    Although we were trying I wasn't expecting much to happen after a year of trying with an ex and nothing happening. After getting thrush and reading the medicine leaflet it mentioned to not take if you were pregnant. My bf said I should take a test and it was positive!

    The line was quite faint but I took it in the evening so wasn't expecting it to be that bright. I took another in the morning and it was a bit darker. I went to the doctors but they won't test you there anymore and just take your word for it!

    I took a digital test yesterday and it came up as 1-2 weeks since conception, however it should be 3 weeks. I know when I conceived because it was the first time I have ovulated in a while (and it happened to be my bf's birthday lucky him!) My periods are all over the place and I ovulated 17 days after my period so I know this can sometimes affect things.

    That with having a faint line worried me and after googling it seems that low hcg levels don't seem too promising! I have morning sickness, sore boobs and a streching feeling so something has happened/is happening but I am such a worrier! My partner said rightly that either way there is nothing that me or anyone can do, but has anyone experience of low hcg levels? I am not sure whether to mention it to the doctor?


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    I had really faint lines for about a week... Was due to go in to hospital for an appt but even then doctor was useless! I didn't get a strong line til I was 5 weeks and that was using clear blue which put me at 2-3 weeks since conception. Sounds like you def are pregnant so congratulations! I ended up having an early scan at 5-6 weeks which was inconclusive...then another at 8 which dated me 6 weeks. By my 12 week scan I was spot on!

    Get midwife number from doc and aim to book in by 8 weeks...according to date of your last period. You'll get proper dates from a scan ?

    Any other questions feel free to ask x

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