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Thread: Help needed,

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    Help needed,

    I quit smoking for 2 years when my son was born now I have started CD I am now smoking again?
    Is it just the stres off the intense diet or am I just weak?

    Hate smoking and hate being beaten

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    I too thought I could do a VLCD and quit smoking but I can't. U might find an electronic cig helps. I'm just quitting smoking first then doing a VLCD and eat as healthily as I can. More of a sensible option for me. Allen Carr book helps aswell. It's a no brainer for me. I cant even walk up the corner shop without get breathless. My meal packs will last to 2013 so I'm quitting first then my weight can wait for a a while. I'm morbidly obese too. I'm on antibiotics and short term steroids. An Ecig doesn't help me but it might work for you. Everybody is different. And yes u are doing to major things in your life. Quitting smoking and a very low calorie diet. Smoking is more dangerous than being overweight. But talk to ur councillor about it first.

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    really , when i read like this feel also made at this sutiation , that suffer the smoker.
    me never smoke , but iam here can give some experience of my brother alweays they say it , .
    they say me that when we have need , and we want somthing we do it so
    try to cute part by part first some cigar , and after try to smoke less then before like that......
    in the end make in yr mind alweays that the smoke is bad for healthy.and try to underestand what mean is bad really when you understand iam sure that you will stop
    cauz " you can buy evry thing by money , but the healthy when they be ill never buy it by money so we have short life , try to care , and be happy "
    good luck friends

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    im the same ive quit smoking so many times and gone back. ive now quit for 6 weeks this friday and wont say ive beaten it cause ive quit for 10 months before. Just keep trying, dont give up giving up. YOU ARE NOT WEAK it is hard but dont let this HICCUP make you go back to it full time. ive said to myself when i caved in the 3 weeks - ive made a mistake, draw a line and move on. Before i let it get he better of me and gone back full time. Good luck i really hope you do it.
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    Hey, I'm on day 30 of not smoking by using a e cig! Really helps me and the hand to mouth action. Jutst need to quit the e cig now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dizzydee88 View Post
    Hey, I'm on day 30 of not smoking by using a e cig! Really helps me and the hand to mouth action. Jutst need to quit the e cig now!
    I'm the same, really love my e-cig but need to cut down, that will be my new years resolution. Must admit though that this time last year I did not think that I would have gone 11 months without smoking!! I really can't complain although it has been a struggle with my weight, just joined a gym so hopefully this time next year I will be sorted. Keep going, the health benefits are amazing.
    Katie x x

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    Smoking is mainly huge problem in this era many of people gives excuse that it reduce stress but it is not true. For quieting smoke you need to have strong determination also you can go with the some anti smoking medicines...

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