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Thread: Not going to be fat and 40!!

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    Not going to be fat and 40!!

    Been here before, but determined to do this before my 40 some six months away. I have about 65 pounds to lose. Probably won't post much over first few days as I always seem to wobble at first. Have tons of shakes but have promised myself I will do an order Sunday evening if I've stuck to it. Which I will!!

    Wish me luck x
    I love my life, I just need to love the body I'm living it in.

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    Hi there Zoe! Hope it's going smoothly. I'm restarting on Monday after returning to some very bad habits and regaining all the weight plus some extra.

    Good luck on your journey x

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    Good luck. I've had a couple of weeks off and restarted today so I'm with you in getting past the first few days xx

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    Get into 12s
    Get into 11s
    Get into 10s
    Get into 9s

    End Goal - 9st 7lbs by 31st July 2015 for holiday to Turkey

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