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Thread: What do you eat and when?

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    Question What do you eat and when?

    Hi All,

    I am thinking of during the week having: B: Shake L: Bar D: Meal S: Shake (I will be out at lunch times and don't have the means to make up or heat anything).

    For weekends I can have: B: Shake L: Meal D: Meal S: Bar

    What do you all do?


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    I tend to have a shake in the morning, porridge or oatmeal around mid day, a bar at 3ish with a can of coke zero then either another shake or a low carb meal in the evening.

    At the weekend I usually have my porridge in the morning and a shake at lunch...

    Good luck :-)
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    Breakfast (between 8am and 9.30am): Shake or protein + pint of water
    Mid morning (11ish): Coffee with some milk allowance.
    Lunch (between 12.30 and 2pm): Shake + Coke Zero + half pint water
    Mid afternoon (3pmish): Coffee with some milk allowance
    Early Evening (around 5.30 or 6pm): Vegetables or a pint of Ribena Plus or both
    Dinner (around 7.30/8pm): Meal pack or protein or sometimes veg and meal mixed together if I wasn't hungry around 5.30ish + pint of water

    Bar either eaten all in one go whenever I feel like it or little bits throughout the afternoon/evening.
    Sugarfree jelly - after dinner
    Leaf teas whenever I feel like it
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    I have a shake between 7.30 and 8.30 for breakfast. I then have a soup at lunchtime and a bar for my afternoon snack usually between 3 & 4 with a black coffee. I try to sit down and eat with the family so will usually have a meal pack around 6ish. I try to drink water throughout the day and I'll have a Coke Zero if I'm flagging.
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    I used to have most days

    10 Porridge
    2 Soup or meal or shake
    5 Bar
    8 Meal

    Sometimes at the weekend I'd make a pancake for breakfast but otherwise the same.
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