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Thread: Booster Week on Slimfast

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    Oooh. This is a quiet forum - i thought it would be much busier.

    I'm two days into using Slimfast (or Tesco Ultra Slim).

    I've been calorie counting for about six months and have lost around three and a half stone but have really struggled for the last month or so.

    My appetite is getting ridiculous and I'm eating far far too much. I've decided to have a strict week to try and shrink it.

    I'm on late shifts all this week and out the house 11.30 until 23.30. My plan everyday as follows.
    Breakfast will be the only meal I eat at home. The rest will be eaten at work or on the train.

    Breakfast – Slimfast chocolate

    Lunch – Ultra Slim readymade shake

    Dinner – Home Made soup, four wholegrain Crackerbread, two EL laughing cow triangles, a tub of Fage 0% Greek yoghurt, 100g frozen berries, 50 mix of oats/linseed (the last three all mixed up – nom nom)

    Snacks – Two around 100 calories each, probably Alpen bars Velvet Crunch or my new favourite things Garbanzo Chickpeas (Products Archive - Garbanzo). 88 calories for a huge bag which takes ages to eat.

    I’ve planned a couple of days into MFP and it comes to around 1300 calories. This is a little below my BMR (which is around 1900) but still sustainable and hardly starvation.

    The dinner is what I always have for late turn at work so won’t feel odd eating the same thing seven days straight.

    I’m planning on only doing this for the seven days whilst I’m at work. I couldn’t (and wouldn’t want to) restrict myself like this for ever.
    I also don’t think it’d help me long term as I don’t want to be eating shakes forever.
    I just want to try and have one good week on the scales (for motivation) and to shrink my appetite hopefully

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    Good Luck! It really does help with the appetite - I can't eat half as much as I used to! X

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