Hi all!!

I'm new to SW and thought a diary would be the best way to keep me on check and get some motivation from all you guys!!

I can't actually get to a class until next Saturday but I was in the right head space this weekend so started on Saturday as I knew I could easily gain another few pounds if I didn't seriously rein in my eating! I'm going to try extra easy and have been asking my friend for advice as she joined last week. Also have read loads on here too!

Not weighed myself as I want to get my official sw weigh in on Saturday!

So please feel free to comment on my foods etc and let me know if I seem to be following the plan ok. Extra easy is a Whole new concept for me Food wise so i hope i can do it right! I'm sticking to low syns at the moment as have a christening at the weekend and will be drinking.

So here's today's meals let me know what yous think!!

Breakfast: total 0% yoghurt with raspberries, strawberries and passion fruit. Coffee with skimmed milk (HEA)

Lunch: 2 slice of bacon, 2 fried eggs, beans, onions and some pulled pork (all cooked syn free)

Dinner: sausage casserole (3 x WW sausages 1.5syns gravy pot 1.5syns not the whole thing!!) peas, onions, carrots. Then served with carrot and turnip

Journey to a new me!-image-3061806948.jpg

No snacks so far today but will be having fruit salad and maybe some more yoghurt tonight whilst watching tv.

Any feedback?